Hey I’m Sophie!

Award-Winning Photographic Artist, Mum of Three, and Chocolate Addict

Self-Portrait of Sophie Ransome, West Yorkshire based Family Lifestyle Photographer

I’m a Lifestyle Photographer for families, couples and individuals.  Covering all of West Yorkshire and parts of South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and East Riding too. I live in Gomersal with my husband, two of my three mini-humans and our three cats. 

I have loved photography ever since my step-dad bought me my first SLR and introduced me to the art of black and white two decades ago. Since then I have gone on to do a few different things and but no matter what I always seem to come back to photography. 

For the past two years I have had the opportunity to work with a local estate agent, providing them with their property marketing photos. Now though, my wish is to follow my heart and go back to portrait photography.

Why I do what I do...

Well life has thrown a good number of curve balls my way over the years, and these trials and tribulations  have given me a greater respect for life and have taught me not to waste a moment.

It is so important to document as much as we can; from the big days like weddings, graduations and birthdays – right through to the simple day to day stuff; trips to the park, bath time, sleep times and tantrums. I truly believe that every moment of your life is important and my job is to encourage you to capture it all!

So, Why Lifestyle Photography?

Awkwardly posed, perfectly lit, well presented family portraits are great and all, but it’s really not for me. I love the honesty and straight-forwardness of documentary photography. Grubby kids, messy homes, real emotions and true personalities; that is where I find my perfection. Some of my own favourite family photos are those that are taken without any planning; they are just spur of the moment events, that without those images, would have disappeared into distant memory. But when I look at those images it’s like stepping into a time machine and I am back there; right in that moment! 

And I’d love to be able to provide the same for YOU!

I aim for my sessions to be fun and relaxed and they can take place in your own home or a favourite location (like the park, or Grandma & Grandads garden) where you literally feel right at home! Capturing moments as they happen while you go about your day; freezing in time those little things that make up the big things. These can be complimented with some loosely posed, lifestyle shots; resulting in a wonderful gallery full of unique, personal moments full of real emotions, in which your real personalities shine through! 

Interested in a Lifestyle Photography session??

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 We can have a brew and chat more about what I do and any ideas you may have.

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