Get To Know A Little More About Sophie

I’m a bit of a tom-boy 
and prefer jeans and 
tee’s over 
dresses and skirts.

I’d love to visit Iceland, Austrialia and Canada.

My favourite time 
of year is Autumn

I love sounds of nature; 
running streams, 
birdsong, and 
rustling leaves.

My favourite film 
is The Lord of The
 Rings Trilogy.

My favourite colours are 

Some Things I Love

Rock Music. Playing Call of Duty on Xbox. Cats. Chocolate. Tigger. Hugs. Thunderstorms. Mexican Food. Hot Baths. Vanilla Icecream. Concerts. Kids Movies. Superhero Movies and Singing (though I’m not very good).

Some Things I Don't Like So Much

Coffee, Wine, Flying Insects and Birds,  Fruit, Bad Drivers, Hot Weather, Swimming Pools, Tuna, Washing Pots and Ironing.

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